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How Do You Find the Right Lawyer?

Did you recently get into a car accident? Were you charged with a DWI? Did the Social Security Administration deny your claim for disability benefits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will need a lawyer. However,…

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Canned Food Drive on behalf of the North Texas Food Bank

Our law firm at Kraft & Associates is doing a food drive in conjunction with the North Texas Food Bank. Because of the North Texas Foodbank, thousands of hungry North Texans will have enough to eat. We are grateful to…

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President Bush and Federal Tort Reform

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Bush And Tort Reform GWB’s Harshest Texas Legacy May Be The Nation’s Problem Now Joanne Doroshow is Executive Director of the Center for Justice & Democracy. When Governor George W. Bush took office in 1995,…

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Texas Insurance Companies and the Supreme Court

Texas Insurance Companies: They’re in Good Hands at the Texas Supreme Court INSURANCE CASES IN THE TEXAS SUPREME COURT 1991-99 A Report from Court Watch A Project of Texas Watch REPORT SUMMARY The 1990s emerged as the decade for insurance…

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Most Expensive Phones In America

It may be hard to believe, but there are still millions of Americans who are being charged for “leasing” a telephone from what was formerly AT&T. When AT&T was broken up in the mid-1980s, customers were given until the end…

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Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Claims: What Happens When They Co-Exist?

This article is courtesy of Mr. Billy Patterson. When you get injured in an accident, it can be financially draining and you may have to spend a fortune on your medical treatments. If an individual does not have the capability…

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