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Legal Articles Category: Social Security Disability

Tougher SSD Requirements Mean Fewer People Getting Benefits

Fewer Americans are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, partly because of tighter eligibility standards, according to government statistics and studies recently quoted in The New York Times. What is SSD  or SSDI Insurance? Social Security Disability Insurance, known as…

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Checking Your Social Security Disability Claim Status

When you are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability, you may find yourself in need of money – and fast. But if you are unable to work, your sources of income are rather limited. One source…

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8 Important Things You Need to Know About SSD Payments

1. When SSD Payments Start Your payments may start in the sixth month after your disability begins. This is why it is so important to report your condition and apply for benefits as soon as possible after you know you…

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RFC – The Key to Proving Disability

The central purpose of an Administrative Law Judge disability hearing in a Social Security disability claim is to determine the claimant’s “residual functional capacity” or RFC. Residual functional capacity is your capacity to perform work-related activities given your physical and…

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Texas Ranks Last in Disability Benefits Approval

Rehabilitation agency chief testifies before House panel By Alan Bernstein Copyright 2001 Houston Chronicle The Texas Rehabilitation Commission’s chief told state lawmakers Wednesday that he is working to change the state’s status as the least likely place in the nation…

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