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Commercial Metals in Irving, Steel Mill

Commercial Metals Company (CMC) is in the business of low-cost metals recycling, as well as fabricating, manufacturing and trading. It has numerous locations in the United States and globally. Texas alone has more than 20 CMC locations.

Corporate History of Commercial Metals

Commercial Metals began with a single location in 1915. The original company site in Dallas, Texas, was a metals recycling company established by Moses Feldman. Ten years prior to starting the company, Feldman emigrated from Russia, and made Houston his home.

Feldman originally operated his scrap metal company under the name of American Iron & Metal Company, and supervised company growth in its early years. His son, Jacob Feldman, worked with his father, and later took over the reins of the company.

In 1932, after graduating from Southern Methodist University, Jacob Feldman and his family formed a Dallas-based brokerage house named Commercial Metals Company. In 1946, the Feldman family incorporated their operations. In 1953, Jacob Feldman purchased the Charles Harley Company, a scrap metals processor based in California, and originally founded in 1856.

During the 1960s, Jacob Feldman diversified. He acquired a copper fabricator and a small steel manufacturer, becoming one of a very few scrap metal companies operating its own steel mills.

Commercial Metals’ operations expanded to include four main business operation segments: recycling, mills, fabrication and distribution.

Today, Commercial Metals operates in more than 200 different locations in over 20 countries around the globe. Its corporate headquarters are located in Irving, Texas.

How Commercial Metals Used Asbestos

The process of recycling, milling, fabricating and manufacturing steel and metals requiring high-intensity heat generally lent itself to the asbestos use, and consequent exposure of Commercial Metals’ workers.

Steel mills commonly used asbestos-containing thermal insulation products. Shipbreaking, the practice of breaking-down, salvaging and recycling of ship metals exposed workers to asbestos-laden materials used previously in shipbuilding.

Asbestos was widely used for its insulation and fire-prevention/retardant qualities numerous companies and industries. Any recycling of metals from generators, boilers, and turbines could contain asbestos. Recycling of metals and parts from steam and diesel locomotives could expose a worker to asbestos.

Recycling of asbestos-insulated equipment from power plants and oil refineries using it for its fire and heat resistant properties put workers at risk of asbestos exposure.

Protective gear routinely used asbestos for its fire-retardant and heat-resistant properties, further putting workers at risk of exposure.

Legal Help for Mesothelioma Victims in Texas

Texas victims of mesothelioma resulting from workplace asbestos exposure may be entitled to monetary compensation. If you or someone you love was exposed to asbestos when working for Commercial Metals in Irving, Texas, we can advise you regarding your legal rights as a victim of asbestos-related disease, including mesothelioma.


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