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Koch Refining Company in Corpus Christi, Oil Refinery

Koch Industries, a part Flint Hills Resources, purchased the already existing oil refinery known as the Corpus Christi Complex in 1981. Koch Industries also purchased nearby Gulf States Refinery plant, and made it part of the Koch Refining Company. The company continues to expand both its site and its oil-production capabilities.

Corporate History of Koch Refining Company

Prior to the 1981 purchase and takeover of the Corpus Christi Complex by Koch Industries, the plant was operated by Sunray DX Oil Company. In 1968, the plant was made into a Sun Oil Company subsidiary.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) awarded the plant a Star and Superstar site status as part of its Voluntary Protection Programs. Only corporations demonstrating dedication to employee safety and the community they serve are honored with the award. The Koch Refining Company plant also received the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association Distinguished Safety Award.

Despite this achievement, the plant has a history of asbestos-related safety hazards.

How Koch Refining Company Used Asbestos

Oil refinery jobs are dangerous, exposing workers to highly flammable petroleum and the potential for explosion-caused fires. For the reason, the refining industry widely used asbestos for insulation prior to the warnings of asbestos risks and dangers in the 1970s.

Refinery processing requiring high pressure and high temperatures routinely involved process and steam pipelines lined with asbestos. Refinery items likely containing asbestos include heat exchangers, pipes, reactors, tanks, roasters, boilers, ovens, furnaces, driers and pumps.

Workers dealing with machinery, systems and vessels were at risk of constant asbestos exposure stemming from asbestos insulation and parts. Oil refinery workers responsible for upkeep and repair of machinery, vessels and parts frequently contacted damaged asbestos that released dangerous asbestos fibers into the air as dust which was easily inhaled, even by workers who were not in direct contact with the substance.

Protective clothing and gear worn and used by oil refinery and other company workers such as aprons, gloves, pants, face masks and shoe covers contained asbestos materials. Damage to protective gear put workers at risk of asbestos-fiber inhalation.

Legal Help for Mesothelioma Victims in Texas

The asbestos-caused cancer mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases resulting from workplace exposure at Koch Refining Company may entitle you or a loved one to compensation.

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