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Shell Deer Park Refining in Deer Park, Oil Refinery

Shell Deer Park is a refinery and petrochemical facility located along the Houston Ship Channel. Situated about 20 miles east of downtown Houston, Texas, it employs approximately 1,700 people in its round-the-clock operation.

The refinery experienced a large fire in 2002 which produced copious amounts of black smoke visible for miles. Area residents were urged to remain indoors for safety and health reasons.

Corporate History of Shell Deer Park Refining

Shell Deer Park Refining was established in 1929, with Shell Oil Company the first to establish manufacturing in the area. Originally a Shell refinery set on 800 acres, Shell Deer Park continued to expand over the years. Shell Oil Company initiated the development of petrochemical facilities at the Deer Park location in 1940.

Today, the facility encompasses 1,500 acres. It employs 1,600 Shell employees, as well as employees of various subcontractors. Shell Deer Park includes Shell Deer Park Chemical Plant and Deer Park Refining Limited Partnership.

Manufacturing at Deer Park is round-the-clock. Equipment used in the manufacturing process includes processing equipment, storage tanks, control rooms, environmental protection facilities, warehouses, office buildings and shops.

Shell Deer Park has its own utilities, docks, internal railroad, other transportation networks, fire stations, medical facility and cafeteria.

How Shell Deer Park Refining Used Asbestos

The use of asbestos was prevalent in oil refinery industrial products and related construction items before it was exposed as being a highly toxic material. Asbestos was a material capable of enduring the high oil-processing temperatures.

With time, exposure to the high heat could cause the industrial products to crack, releasing small pieces of asbestos into the environment. Workers were put at risk of inhaling the asbestos particles, capable of causing asbestos-related respiratory disease, including the deadly cancer, mesothelioma.

Those working with or around asbestos-lined Industrial products such as pipes, reactors, tanks, boilers, roaster, heat exchangers, driers, ovens, pumps and furnaces were all at high risk of asbestos exposure.

Workers involved in refinery-related industrial products repair and upkeep were especially at risk of asbestos exposure, as were those in other industries. Protective clothing worn by many refinery workers, such as face masks, shoe covers, pants, aprons and gloves, also contained asbestos.

It took several years before federal asbestos regulations in United States oil refineries constructed before 1976 were put into place. Once the dangers of asbestos became known, the Deer Park Refinery was forced to remove all asbestos-containing products.

Legal Help for Mesothelioma Victims in Texas

Kraft & Associates, P. C. advises mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease victims about their legal rights. If you or a loved one were exposed to asbestos while working for Shell Deer Park Refinery, you may be entitled to compensation.

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