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Nine Fatal Mistakes Social Security Disability Claimants Make

If you or a loved one has recently become disabled, it’s important to fully understand what information you need for a successful Social Security disability claim outcome. The e-book ‘Nine Fatal Mistakes Social Security Disability Claimants Make’ by experienced attorney Robert A. Kraft outlines everything you need to know from how to determine if you are eligible to file for SSD benefits, to what to keep in mind in order to avoid common mistakes when filing for Social Security disability. Robert Kraft has been practicing law and representing the disabled since 1971 throughout Texas.

SSD information covered in this book includes:

  • Social Security disability myths
  • How the Social Security disability system operates
  • Definition of common Social Security disability terms
  • Disability Insurance Benefits vs. Supplemental Security Income
  • What you need to know about the SSD claim process
  • Important information to keep in mind when deciding on an SSD lawyer
  • The Client’s Bill of Rights

Filing a Social Security disability claim can be very confusing and not very clear. It’s important to hire an experienced Social Security disability lawyer at the beginning of the process, to ensure you have someone to help you every step of the way. Contact our SSD attorneys at Kraft & Associates today for a free case evaluation. We are here to help. (214) 999-9999

What readers of Nine Fatal Mistakes Social Security Disability Claimants Make are saying in Amazon book reviews:

“This is a great book. Mr. Kraft explains the process and how someone can avoid making common mistakes. This is some of the best, clearest, most concise advice I have seen. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a claim with Social Security.” – Jonathan G. Stein

“Dallas, Texas Social Security Disability lawyer Robert A. Kraft does not fit the mold of the typical lawyer, apparently. For one thing, in this guide book, he “gives away” a wealth of useful information, accessible to the general public as well as to his competitors. He appears genuinely concerned about the rights and interests of the disabled members of our society, and not just because he represents them in Texas (note: according to the introduction to the book, it can be made available at no charge to Texas residents by contacting the author directly; however, it is useful for all Americans). Reading the introduction to his book will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that you never thought you could have about a lawyer….

Kraft’s several decades of legal and human experience shine through on each page of this book. He knows what works in each situation, and what doesn’t. In his own words, the guiding question for him throughout his writing of this book was, “If my best friend became disabled and filed for Social Security disability benefits, and I couldn’t be there to help, what are the most important things I would want him to know?”

This “Consumer Guide” defines terms in understandable language; it explains which medical conditions (such as arthritis, psychological diseases, epilepsy, MS, etc.) and other factors are relevant in determining whether a person qualifies for disability benefits; it walks you through the disability determination process; it busts myths about Social Security Disability; it warns about potential pitfalls in the claims process; and it analyzes nine different specific potential “fatal mistakes” for you to avoid. I urge anyone who is facing disability, either personally or for a loved one or friend, to obtain this extremely practical “cookbook”-style guide to navigating your way through the confusing maze of disability claims, and to read it as soon as possible, before making any “fatal mistakes.”

By the way, I am a business disputes lawyer, and I regularly write and publish articles on various legally-related topics. I hope that mine are as well-written and useful to readers as this information-packed 90-page guidebook.” – David A.

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