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Free Brochures

FREE: Protect yourself and your family. Call us, and we’ll be pleased to send you any of these printed brochures at no cost or obligation.

Social Security Disability Claims

Do you qualify for Social Security disability benefits? Our brochure explains who qualifies, the application process, how much money you can expect to receive and more.

Lowering Your Auto Insurance Costs

Are you paying too much for auto insurance in Texas? Our brochure gives recommendations regarding coverage’s and limits, and it includes the questions you need to ask to find the lowest rates for your needs.

Wills & Probate

Our firm has written this short brochure to provide you with basic information regarding Wills and Probate in Texas.

Texas Non-Injury Accident Kit

If you’ve been involved in a minor car accident – with no injuries – you probably don’t need a lawyer. Our Texas Non-Injury Accident Kit answers your questions and tells you what you need to do to make sure you’re treated fairly. Our law firm has offered this Non-Injury Kit for more than twenty years as a way of educating the public about property damage claims.

To receive the Texas Non-Injury Accident Kit please call us or use our Guestbook request form. The kit is offered by e-mail free to residents of Texas. If you want the kit printed and mailed to you, send a check in the amount of $19.97, made payable to Kraft & Associates, P.C., to cover our handling costs and postage. A kit will be sent to you the same day we receive your check.