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Legal Articles

Texas Insurance Companies and the Supreme Court

Texas Insurance Companies: They’re in Good Hands at the Texas Supreme Court INSURANCE CASES IN THE TEXAS SUPREME COURT 1991-99 A Report from Court Watch A Project of Texas Watch REPORT SUMMARY The 1990s emerged as the decade for insurance…

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Tort Reform and Firestone Tires

Guest Editorial by Dan Lambe, Executive Director of Texas Watch The Firestone tire debacle has many Texas families asking hard questions. What did Firestone know and when did they know it? How could it take 46 deaths linked to their…

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Bridgestone – Firestone Tire Tread Defects – Sample Letters

Bridgestone – Firestone Tire Tread Defects – Sample Letters to Firestone and Ford Below are two samples of letters you may wish to send to Firestone and to Ford if you have any difficulty getting your tires replaced under the…

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Most Expensive Phones In America

It may be hard to believe, but there are still millions of Americans who are being charged for “leasing” a telephone from what was formerly AT&T. When AT&T was broken up in the mid-1980s, customers were given until the end…

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Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Claims: What Happens When They Co-Exist?

This article is courtesy of Mr. Billy Patterson. When you get injured in an accident, it can be financially draining and you may have to spend a fortune on your medical treatments. If an individual does not have the capability…

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Dallas Office Of Rapid Adjustment (D.O.R.A.) Is Succeeding

As noted in a Dallas Morning News article about the Dallas Office of Rapid Adjustment, the test program is catching the eye of Washington politicians. DORA is designed to speed up the processing of Green Card applications, and to prevent…

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