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Common Truck Accident Injuries in Dallas

In a collision between a heavy truck and a passenger vehicle, it is far more likely for occupants of the passenger car or light truck to be seriously injured or killed than it is for the truck driver to be hurt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says of 104,000 people injured in crashes involving heavy trucks and passenger vehicles in a recent year, 73 percent of people injured were in passenger vehicles, 24 percent were truck occupants, and 4 percent were not motor vehicle occupants, such as pedestrians and bicyclists. In fatal accidents, 73 percent were occupants of passenger vehicles, 18 percent were commercial truck occupants and 10 percent were not vehicle occupants.

Large truck wrecks often cause serious and debilitating injuries. Those who have been injured in commercial truck accidents caused by someone else may deserve compensation for the costs of their injuries and other losses, as well as for pain and suffering. Kraft & Associates, P.C., investigates and litigates commercial trucks accidents on behalf of individuals who have been injured and families who have lost loved ones in accidents involving commercial trucks in Dallas in and throughout North Texas.

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Common Truck Accident Injuries

It is not hard to understand why occupants of passenger cars and light trucks are likely to suffer catastrophic injuries, if not death, if they are hit by a tractor-trailer or other heavy truck. A tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when loaded. A large truck going 70 mph hits with twice the impact of a car that is traveling at 50 mph.

Trucks also have greater ground clearance than cars, which allows lower-riding vehicles to slide beneath truck trailers with potentially deadly consequences. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says rear guards are meant to stop “underride,” but IIHS research shows that guards meeting federal safety standards fail even at relatively low speeds.

Among the many personal injuries frequently suffered in truck accidents are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. A blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating injury resulting in traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in a variety of short- or long-term brain damage that adversely affects the victim’s ability to function. Long-term complications may eventually lead to premature death.
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis. Traumatic damage to the spinal cord can cause paralysis from the point of injury down through the rest of the body. Depending on the extent of the injury, a paralyzed accident victim may retain some movement or regain some through intense therapy, but spinal cord injuries cannot be repaired.
  • Internal injuries. Blunt or penetrating trauma in a truck accident can damage internal organs, like the heart, liver, stomach, spleen, bowels or kidneys, or fracture the sternum (breastbone) or ribs. Ruptured organs and internal bleeding typically require surgery.
  • Fractures (broken bones). Just about any bone in the body can be broken in the crush and blunt-force trauma of a truck accident. Bones typically broken in truck accidents include legs, feet, ankle, arms, hands, collarbone, pelvis, sternum, neck, spine, ribs and the skull. While a simple broken arm or leg may mean several weeks in a cast, compound and complex fractures may require surgery and lengthy hospital stays, as well as causing lifelong impairment.
  • Back injuries. Trauma to the spinal cord or to vertebrae (backbones), ligaments or disks of the spinal column can cause paralysis or other loss of function in the victim’s limbs or over larger portions of the body. Back injuries can result in chronic pain that significantly reduces the victim’s mobility and limits the ability to work for a living.
  • Neck injuries and whiplash. A collision that suddenly jerks a car occupants’ neck can damage neck muscles, ligaments and spinal disks in a manner known as “whiplash.” Mild whiplash is treated with pain medication and a period of immobilization, but some victims suffer chronic pain, as well as problems with concentration, memory or sleep. Many people suffer years of chronic pain, headaches and other problems because of neck and whiplash injuries.
  • Limb loss and amputation. An arm or a leg or smaller body parts, like fingers, toes, feet and hands, can be severed in a truck accident or crushed beyond repair, requiring removal in a surgical amputation. Despite advances in prosthetics, loss of a limb causes lifelong, irreversible disability.

Individuals who suffer serious injuries in truck accidents often face millions of dollars in medical bills over the course of their lives. In addition, they are likely to lose income from not being able to work during their recovery or, in some cases, ever again.

After a truck accident, it is possible that a seriously injured accident victim will quickly receive what at first looks like a generous settlement offer from the truck driver’s or trucking company’s insurance company. However, it is also likely that this offer is far too low and that, by accepting it, the accident victims gives up his or right to seek full compensation from those responsible for the accident.

Never sign anything offered by an insurance company after a serious truck accident without the advice of an experienced truck accident attorney. Kraft & Associates, P.C., conducts independent investigations of crashes to determine the full extent of our clients’ losses and to develop solid cases against all parties who should be held accountable. We then work diligently and aggressively to maximize claims for our clients.

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The legal team at Kraft & Associates, P.C., has the resources necessary to fully investigate your truck accident injuries and bring solid claims against all responsible parties. Do not sign anything offered by an insurance company or trucking company lawyers before meeting with us. Phone (214) 999-9999, email us at kraftlaw@kraftlaw.com, or complete our online form for a free assessment of your case today.